Before I had the privilege of working for Research Services, I was employed with an aerospace manufacturing company. I reviewed the certifications of all incoming projects from outside vendors to verify they complied with ASTM standards. I also analyzed the chemistry certifications of all incoming metals to confirm they all conformed to acceptable levels. I learned how to read blueprints and how one mistake in the long line of processes can delay the final products or lead to recalls. If you are a company with ISO certifications, mistakes can be devastating. All of your employees need to be focused and detail-oriented. More importantly, they need to be trustworthy individuals. Imagine the liability of hiring someone on the terrorist list to handle government projects.

Manufacturing companies need a background-checking company that understands the value of accurate, precise, and quick reports.

How can Research Services help with this?

Our National Criminal Index includes a variety of databases that some background screening companies list as separate searches that make it seem like you are getting more, and it is a deceitful tactic. Some of the more valuable databases included in the national for manufacturing companies include the following (to name a few):

  • Global Sanctions List
  • Explosives Most Wanted
  • CIA Policitically Exposed Persons List
  • EU Common Foreign and Security Policy Consolidated List
  • FBI Wanted
  • Interpol Wanted
  • Foreign Sanctions Evaders List
  • Homeland Security Investigations Most Wanted
  • US Department of Commerce Denied Persons List

Some of our other beneficial services include:

  1. Employment verification Requests – Does your applicant have the experience they claim to possess? You can find out when you utilize us for your employment verifications.
  2. Federal Criminal Search – Are you hiring a new Vice President? Or a new Accounts payable/receivable? This search can be utilized to be sure they do not have any priors for embezzlement.
  3. Criminal History Reports – These ensure your applicant does not have criminal records within the state(s) searched. Examples of criminal records can include theft and assault.
  4. Driving History Reports – Do you hire employees to deliver your products to other vendors? Our driver history reports provide any violations or infractions they may have. This will also provide if their license is valid.

If you are ready to reduce risk within your business, contact Heather today for additional details about our services, and how to get started.

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