The Power of Contractor Background Checks

We provide background checks for employees and volunteers, as well as contractors. Both contractors and independent contractors utilize our services. Institutions such as schools require both contractors as well as independent contractors to provide completed background checks on themselves and their teams. Companies that do not prescreen their applicants as part of their onboarding process tend to be bamboozled by this request. Suddenly, they are tasked with finding an approved background-checking company to process their reports.

Why is Research Services the ideal company for Contractors?

  • Same-Day Processing: Most of our Connecticut-based reports are processed on the same day (depending upon when we receive them).
  • No Sign-Up Fees: The process of signing up as a client does not have any associated fees, and depending on how quickly you complete and return the required new client paperwork, you can be established as a client and begin processing requests on the same day.
  • Comprehensive Connecticut Criminal: Our Connecticut criminal search provides records from the late ’80s. Our system of research provides validation for records that may have typos in the name and or date of birth. Most consumer reporting agencies search only the name(s) as they appear and miss records that contain clerical errors. This could mean the difference between missing or including felony records.
  • Flexible Searching: We do not have a minimum number of searches we require our clients to conduct, which is perfect when you only require the reports for one project. Other agencies do not accept new clients if they do not meet their minimum number of requests for a single year. For example, other companies might turn away a company that only requires background checks for 1-3 people.

What Searches do we frequently Process for Contractors?

  1. The National Criminal Index
  2. Federal Criminal Search
  3. Driver History Reports
  4. Criminal Reports

If you are a contractor with a need for background check reports as part of pre-employment or as part of particular jobs, contact us today for a quick and smooth process.

Contact Heather today via phone: 860-295-4045 or email:

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