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The newest background checks our clients have been requesting are social media searches. Social media platforms allow us to voice our opinions openly, and reach vast audiences. Some use this for positive change and influence, while others allow their aggressive confrontational sides to be apparent. We have the freedom of speech, but we also have the freedom to decide if an applicant will be a perfect fit to represent a company. An applicant may appear perfect on paper. They may not have a criminal record, they may have been with their previous employers for an exceptional amount of time, and they may have excellent professional references. This person may seem to check all of the boxes until you run a social media report and see that they have biases and may slander specific groups of people. The social media search would allow you to avoid potential hostile work environments. The social media search scans an applicant’s social media and searches for various triggering terms and photos. See our examples below:

An example of an unremarkable report.

An example of a problematic report. *Warning!! May Contain Offensive Content.*

If you feel your company could benefit from searches such as these, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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