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When I have the pleasure to sit and discuss our services with business owners and human resources directors, I get to provide them with the facts I wish all business owners and human resource directors were privy to. I have generated a list of points all business owners, human resource directors, and executive leaders should know.

  1. Not all crimes warrant fingerprinting. This information may not be included if you rely solely on fingerprinting reports. This is where consumer reporting agencies like Research Services can be of assistance.
  2. The government recommends using fingerprinting and consumer reporting agencies because local, state, district, and county agencies report infrequently or not at all. See this blog post for further elaboration.
  3. Certain fingerprint reports may only provide information for a specific state. For example, if you are a business located in Connecticut and use Connecticut fingerprinting, these records may not include records from other states. An applicant who just moved to Connecticut from another state may have several felony records this report will not produce since only Connecticut is covered.
  4. We serve a variety of industries, including federally protected positions. These positions are permitted to have more detailed reporting. Our Connecticut reports cover all known aliases used by the applicant included in the cost. Most consumer reporting agencies charge a fee per alias. Additionally, our reporting includes records as far back as the 1980s. Our competitors usually only provide 7-10 years of coverage.
  5. Our National Criminal Index search includes coverage of a variety of databases and watchlists including, but not limited to: Homeland Security search, Global Sanctions list, National Sex Offender List, Foreign Affairs and Trade Consolidated List, Bureau of Alcohol – Tobacco – Firearms – and Explosive’s Most Wanted, Canada – CBSA Most Wanted, and FBI’s most wanted, etc. You can see more details regarding this search here.
  6. We may be a small business in Connecticut, but we provide international searches. These searches include criminal records, education, and employment verifications.
  7. Criminal records and federal records are two different searches. See this post for a more elaborate explanation of their differences.
  8. We provide regular employment reports and the Public Act 16-67 educational employment verifications for Connecticut private schools.
  9. We provide DCF reports. This is helpful for industries with large hiring sprees and requires these on all their applicants.
  10. Instead of dealing with an automated system, you will speak to our associates during business hours. Some of our competitors force their clients to jump through hoops to contact them.
  11. We do not require a minimum amount of searches. Some of our competitors require their clients to do a specific amount of searches within a year; otherwise, they will not work with the company. We NEVER force our clients to process a stated amount of requests.
  12. We do not charge a fee to become a new client. Some of our competitors charge their clients fees to sign up.
  13. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge annual fees, nor do we lock our clients into contracts for a specific amount of years.
  14. Unlike many of our competitors, we are PBSA Accredited. We adhere to reporting laws and provide reports with the utmost integrity.

If you are interested in receiving a quote for our services, please contact Heather Dunn at her direct line (860)-295-4045.

The information provided on this website is not to be considered legal advice. All information on this blog is for general information purposes only.


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