Volunteer Background Checks

Did you know you can request a background check on your volunteers? Many people do not realize that you can process a background check for volunteers since it is not a paid position, but as long as you have a signed consent form (which we require), you can request it. Volunteers assist children, the elderly, and animals. They work hands-on with vulnerable people and animals. It is essential to understand that not all people who want to volunteer have good intentions. Background checks keep honest people honest.

Imagine you are the director or founder of a non-profit. Non-profits are created to help the community. You rely on the good nature of humans wanting to help other humans, but the reality is that these good-natured opportunities provide a gateway to people with ill intentions. Running a background check is doing your due diligence when opening a door to vulnerable people. If an unfortunate event unfolds and allegations of any kind are made, the first question that usually occurs is, “Did they perform a background check?” If yes, then you are innocent, but if not, you are vilified as much as the perpetrator and may face lawsuits. An example of this is a man in California this year who volunteered at a local elementary school and is now facing seriously disturbing charges. When asked if they performed a background check, they commented: “We did not perform fingerprints for this volunteer position. It was mostly parent-led, but we didn’t do our usual full fingerprint background check that [we] would do for a volunteer working in our facilities. Since this program was outside of the YMCA and only involved myself to run it, we did it without background checks.”

We have provided background screening for volunteers from the following industries:

  • Animal Shelters
  • Private and Public Schools with after-school events and programs.
  • Elderly assistant programs
  • Behavioral Health programs
  • Orphanages
  • Reproductive Healthcare programs
  • Volunteer programs directly through towns (Volunteer Fire departments, Emergency responders)
  • Arts and Theater programs
  • Churches and other religious organizations
  • Reproductive Healthcare programs

What types of reports are typical for Volunteers?

  • Criminal Records Search – This is our most popular search. We do not just provide reports for Connecticut, but we also have the capability to provide criminal records for any of the states you may need to request. We work with clients located all over the country to assist with these reports.
  • Driver History Reports – This report is especially useful for clients who need to run annual driver history reports on their applicants. Fire departments typically have this requirement for their volunteers.
  • Federal Criminal Searches – If a volunteer will be handling your funds, this search will ensure they do not have embezzlement or fraud charges.
  • Sex Offender Registry – This is a must for volunteer positions dealing directly with children.
  • National Criminal Index – This search serves as an excellent all-in-one search of many databases, including coverage of The National Sex Offender Registry, OIG exclusion list, global sanctions, and FBIs most wanted, to name a few.
  • DCF Report – This is necessary for volunteer positions with children.

What qualifies as an agency to process background checks for volunteers?

Research Services is PBSA Accredited.

All of our staff members are FCRA-certified, knowledgeable experts.

Most of our reports are processed the same or the next day, especially the Connecticut-based reports.

You will never speak to an automated message system or A.I. during our business hours. We strive to provide a service that is accessible and easy to use, and having a conversation via phone or email with the direct, appropriate contact provides our clients with confidence.

Unlike other CRAs, we do not require a minimum number of searches to become our client.

New clients can be established and begin processing applicants on the same day (depending on how quickly the new client paperwork is completed).

Most Consumer Reporting Agencies charge a start-up or annual fee, or sometimes both. We do not charge fees to begin using our services or annual fees to remain a client.

It is in our nature to want to see the good in people, and most people have great intentions and genuinely want to help. However, don’t become a victim yourself for being too relaxed and relying on word of mouth for your volunteers. Run background checks on your volunteers for the good of your non-profit and the community that benefits from it.

For fast, accurate, and affordable reports on your volunteers, contact Heather today: heatherfd@rs4b.net

The information provided on this website is not to be considered legal advice. All information on this blog is for general information purposes only.


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