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Research Services Provides thorough background checks to companies in the Human Service Industry. Human Service industries are imperative to a thriving and balanced community. Companies in the human service industry provide direct care in therapeutic, vocational, and residential fields. They work directly with children and families. Having access to both children and people with disabilities means they are working with the vulnerable. Working with vulnerable people means there is a need to find responsible, dignified, and educated employees and volunteers to provide guidance.

What Searches Do We Offer That Can Assist in Finding Upstanding Individuals?

  • Criminal Searches – Providing a criminal report allows you to decide if an individual is an appropriate candidate. If you are hiring an employee who will be entering your clients’ homes, you might not want to hire someone with a long and recent history of theft. Our Connecticut system of search accounts for clerical errors, which include typos found in the name and date of birth of an individual. Other consumer reporting agencies do not account for these errors, therefore missing potential records. For our clients based in Connecticut and their Connecticut-based applicants, we provide records as far back as the 80s.
  • Driver History Reports – Certain positions require employees or volunteers to drive clients. You would not want a person with a long history of neglecting driving laws to drive vulnerable people and put them in dangerous or stressful environments.
  • Federal Criminal Searches – The federal search includes crimes such as embezzlement, forgery, kidnapping, and mail fraud, to name a few. If you were looking into someone who wanted to adopt a child or if an applicant would be managing your company and making executive decisions, you would not want them to have a federal record.
  • Sex Offender Registry – If you are hiring an applicant dealing directly with children, you would not want to hire someone who appears on this registry. We search all aliases for this report.
  • National Criminal Index – The National Criminal Index is an excellent pre-screen tool. In our years of experience, we have found records for applicants who vacationed but never lived in a state using this search. This index includes the sex offender registry as well as the OIG search.
  • Education Verifications – Could you imagine the implication of hiring someone to work as a caseworker who did not have a degree in this field? We help by verifying the education on an applicant’s resume. Unfortunately, we have also had to inform some of our clients about applicants who attended diploma mills or other educational institutions that do not hold accreditations.
  • Employment Verifications – A candidate with an impressive resume has applied for a position. We provide employment verifications to ensure the accuracy of their resumes.

Client Reference

Research Services has been providing background Checks to Community Residences, Inc. since 2006.

Here is what Fran Bustamante (HR Specialist) has to say about us:

What is the biggest benefit of using us for your reports?

“The biggest benefit of using Research Services is the fast turnaround, the fast reply, and the description of any charges from the Research Services team. The attention to detail is also crucial.”

How have We Helped with Your Onboarding Process?

“We require a standard background check within the first 24 hours of the offer letter signed to be completed. We are in healthcare and mainly focused in group homes. Our non-profit is in charge of hiring caretakers who are required to be non-felons, currently hold an active driver’s license, and have no issues with narcotics. Our background check service must go back to see any suspicious activity patterns, as we need to maintain compliance.”

If you were to recommend us, What Would you Highlight as a Benefit?

“We would highlight the fast turnaround time, and in cases where the courts are taking longer to provide information, the partial reports, and constant updates.”

Community Residences, Inc. provides a range of services to individuals with varying needs. They have been serving the Community of Connecticut since 1984. You can read more about their service here.

If you are in the human service industry and need a background-checking company, turn to Research Services for fast and reliable service. We go above and beyond to meet our client’s needs. We are PBSA accredited, and all our staff members are FCRA certified.

For more information on how to get started using our services, contact Heather today at email:

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