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Exploring Criminal Records Retrieval Options In Massachusetts


Option 1: Massachusetts CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information)

The CORI system operates at the state level in Massachusetts, encompassing reportable data from all counties. To become an “Authorized User” with Research Services, clients need to enroll in this system, accompanied by a $25.00 organizational fee. Once enrolled, you have the choice to independently request searches or involve us to incorporate it into the consumer report.
CORI supplies records tailored to your business type. For instance, hospitals can access Level 1 checks containing adult convictions and ongoing cases. Meanwhile, roles in child care might qualify for Level 4 checks, which encompass Level 1 criteria as well as non-convictions, youthful offender information, and sealed offenses. Depending on when the CORI request is made, certain restrictions might apply to older cases.


  • Encompasses the entire state’s data.
  • Allows for both self-checks and access through Consumer Reporting Agencies like Research Services.
  • Offers an economical search option.


  • Access level and case age might lead to omissions of pertinent records.
  • Some individual courts might not provide complete or any case data.


Option 2: Massachusetts Statewide Search

Research Services provides a statewide search that encompasses all counties, focusing exclusively on superior courts.


  • Offers broader coverage compared to county-specific checks.


  • Statewide does not cover any district court records. Relevant records might not be included.


Option 3: Massachusetts County Search

We recommend conducting a standalone county search, either independently or alongside a supplemental statewide search. Our county search includes superior and district courts within each county. This suggestion is grounded in the fact that Massachusetts handles felony and misdemeanor cases at the district court level as well. While many Consumer Reporting Agencies only search superior and main district courts, numerous records, approximately over 90% from our audits, are found in district courts not deemed the “county seat.”

In Worcester County, for instance, many CRA searches cover only Worcester Superior and Worcester District, omitting other vital district courts such as Clinton, Dudley, Fitchburg, Gardner, Leominster, Milford, East Brookfield, Uxbridge, Westborough, Winchendon, and additional districts within Worcester.


Understanding that district courts handle felonies and misdemeanors is crucial. An individual with a felony might have been tried at a lower court. By not examining all districts, CRAs could overlook pertinent cases. For comprehensive coverage, we recommend requesting a county check. If a wider scope is desired, a supplementary statewide search search can be useful. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

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