Why Choose Research Services For Your Holiday Hiring


The Holidays are quickly approaching, so companies are getting ready to hire additional employees. The holidays bring out applicants looking for both part-time and full-time employment. As if there weren’t enough pressure to have a job for the bare essentials in life, the holidays amplify that stress. The holiday landscape creates an abundance of opportunities, which means it is imperative for background checks to be both swift and accurate.


How Can Research Services Help?


Same-Day Client OnBoarding

Our process of establishing new clients can be completed the same day, depending on how soon the client agreement is finalized. We do not force our clients to pay a new client fee to utilize our services. These are the first steps towards expediting your needs.

Paperless Consent Forms

We offer a paperless consent form that your applicants can easily complete via their cellular device/laptop/pc/tablet. Once completed, it will be sent directly to us for processing. The majority of our reports are processed the same day or the next morning, depending on when we receive them. For a more comprehensive guide for our turn-around times, we recommend reading our blog post that goes into specific details.

Comprehensive Connecticut Criminal Records

Our Connecticut criminal system of search includes records that go as far back as the 80s and has strategies that include records that may have typos in the name, or date of birth. Many other consumer reporting agencies fail to include records for Connecticut that are not an exact match for the name.

Lightning-Fast Client Setup

We have the ability to establish new clients and process their requests all in a day’s work. We provide comprehensive reports in record time. Let us reduce some of your holiday stress by allowing us to guide you in streamlining your hiring process.

Don’t forget, if you call during our working hours, you will never speak with an automated system!

Contact Heather F.D. when you are ready to get the Holiday started.

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