The Spooky Time of Year

Many people are getting ready to enjoy seasonal events with Fall upon us. This time of year causes apprehension in parents whose children want to go out for Trick or Treating. Haunted houses provided both thrill and fear. They are supposed to be fun for all ages. But what happens when the wrong people volunteer or are hired to work in these establishments?

Imagine you are walking through a pitch-black room. Your heart is pounding. Not only can you not see your hand in front of you, but you can’t see who is in the room with you. To add to the fear, they wear a mask to provide additional anonymity. This is supposed to be an experience of fun, but criminals can use this vulnerable moment to exploit the public.

Due to most of these haunted attractions being volunteer-based, many do not run background checks on their haunters. This was a fatal flaw in a haunted attraction out of Wisconsin, which, unbeknownst to them, had a registered sex offender working in a desolate room with access to minors.

Keep your goblins and ghouls safe, as well as the integrity of your non-profit. Hire Research Services to run background checks on your volunteers.

Reach out to Heather at if you dare, for a spooktacular seasonal deal that’s frightfully irresistible and keep the haunting shenanigans fun.

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