Michigan Redaction Update

Michigan Redaction Update

The Michigan Supreme Court ordered the redaction of PII (personal identifying information) from all court records in Michigan Courts. This process went into full effect on April 1st, 2022. One of our prior posts covered these new potential changes.  The initial plan was to have signed consents from applicants be provided to the court in order to access the full date of birth on the record.

Our industry worked together with PBSA (Professional Background Screening Association) to create an additional method where researchers can access full date of births. Michigan State Court Administration Office has formed a new process in which researchers are vetted and approved. The researchers must register with the state and provide Assurance & Liability Insurance. When a vetted researcher goes to court they will be able to have access to a full date of birth in the court records. This will give researchers the opportunity to verify the record belonging to the request subject without delays. This process also eliminates the need to have signed consents directly from the applicant.

To see a list of authorized researchers please go to the following site. https://www.courts.michigan.gov/AuthorizedList

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