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What steps can a recruiter follow to ensure the quickest report?

Not all employee transitions are slow, sometimes hiring a new employee is an urgent matter. We understand the need for prompt turn-around times. Here are a few ideas to consider when you are reviewing applications. Our first suggestion would be to utilize our paperless release option. The paperless option allows applicants to type their information, which eliminates handwritten forms. Hand-written signatures can be difficult to decipher. If it is not convenient to use our paperless option, we suggest the following:

  • Make sure the applicant has signed the form. Applicants regularly over-look the signature portion of the form. We will not process reports without the applicant’s signature.
  • Be sure the applicant has included all essential identifiers, such as date of birth, social security number, and address. Also note the year of birth. Applicants frequently get confused after completing dense hiring packets, and will often list the current year instead of their year of birth.


Employment Verifications:

  • Be sure the applicant has granted permission for us to contact the employer you would like us to verify. We will not contact past employers without the applicant’s permission.
  • Be sure to include the applicant’s resume or other paperwork outlining their employment.
  • It is important to know not just the name of the employer, but the location as well. For example, if an applicant has listed Dunkin Donuts as an employer in Boston, MA, we would need to know which specific location.
  • Please ask the applicant if they went through a temporary agency for any of the employers you would like us to verify. We have found many direct employers do not keep record of temporary employees. We will need to contact the agencies directly.



Professional References:

  • Be sure the references the applicant has listed are professional and not personal.
  • Be sure the applicant has informed their references to expect a call. Modern times have brought a heightened number of spam calls, and it is not uncommon for our unrecognized number to be dismissed.
  • Have applicants provide email addresses for their references, as their references may have schedules that conflict with our working hours.



Educational Verifications:

  • Ensure your applicant has indicated if they received a diploma, diploma equivalent, GED, or degree.
  • If an applicant has received their diploma through an adult education program, it is helpful to note this on their form.
  • Be sure your applicant has included their year of graduation or last year attended.
  • Colleges and technical schools often have various locations. Be sure your applicant has indicated this information when applicable.



DCF Reports:

  • DCF Forms must be physically signed. The state does not accept digital signatures.
  • Applicants must include at least five years of coverage for their current and past addresses. The state rejects any forms not including five years.



Driver History Reports

  • Whenever possible, compare the number listed on the consent form to the actual driver’s license.
  • Be sure the applicant has included the state in which the license was issued.
  • Compare the format to the state guide below, and be sure the applicant has included a valid format.


License Format: 1-8 Numeric

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