HB 6100

Complying With Connecticut HB 6100 – A Guide For Homemaker and Companion Agencies


In response to the growing concerns surrounding the screening of homemaker and companion service providers, Connecticut has enacted House Bill 6100 (HB 6100). This legislation places a mandate on agencies within this sector to conduct thorough background checks for individuals seeking employment or contractual engagements. To assist agencies in navigating the intricacies of HB 6100, Research Services has emerged as a valuable partner, offering comprehensive background check services that encompass the following components:

  • Local Background Check
  • National Criminal Background Check
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Three Year Address History Criminal Coverage
  • Accredited Background Screening Association

Local Background Check: An examination of the applicant’s local criminal history to ensure a thorough understanding of their background within the immediate community.

National Criminal Background Check: A nationwide criminal check covers information from state repositories across the nation, data from the Department of Corrections, and historical records. It also examines the records of the Office of Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services (OIG HHS), and cross-references with the national sex offender registry.

Sex Offender Registry: A dedicated check to identify any presence on the national sex offender registry, providing an essential layer of protection for vulnerable populations.

Three Year Address History Criminal Coverage: Agencies are required to conduct criminal checks in all states where the applicant has resided in the three years preceding their application. This ensures a comprehensive overview of their criminal history across different jurisdictions.

Accredited Background Screening Association: A crucial aspect of the comprehensive background check is the requirement for the Background Screening Company to be accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association. This accreditation ensures adherence to industry standards and best practices.

Moreover, compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act is integral to the process, emphasizing the need for agencies to uphold the highest ethical standards when handling sensitive information.

What distinguishes us in our state is our exclusive Connecticut records database. While many background screening organizations only encompass the last ten years of convictions, our database extends over thirty-five years. This broader scope proves beneficial when hiring individuals with a potential twelve-year-old felony elderly abuse charge, where other screening companies might yield a clean report limited to the last decade. We often acquire new clients who switch to us due to instances of records not being reported by their previous screening providers in Connecticut.

For detailed information about HB 6100, agencies are encouraged to visit the Connecticut General Assembly website, where the full text of the bill can be found on pages 28-32.

Research Services understands the challenges agencies face in meeting the stringent requirements of HB 6100. To facilitate compliance, we have developed tailored packages designed to assist homemaker and companion agencies. If you require guidance or wish to explore how our services can streamline your compliance process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

The information provided on this website is not to be considered legal advice. All information on this blog is for general information purposes only.


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