Safety Net For Public & Private Schools

Schools contain the most vulnerable humans in our population: children. Since the inception of our business, we have taken pride in providing thorough and accurate reports for applicants working directly and indirectly with children.

Both public and private schools alike utilize our services. You might be wondering why a public school system would use us when they are required to use the FBI fingerprint reports. Here are just a few reasons schools double up with the use of fingerprinting and a consumer reporting agency like us:

  • Our services provide most Connecticut criminal reports within 24 hours, which can be weeks quicker than fingerprint reports. We have aided many clients with their volunteers for events, organizations, and camps through the school system. Even for employees, our quick turnaround helps provide a clear picture sooner rather than later.
  • Not all crimes require an applicant to submit fingerprints. This means you could have an applicant pass a fingerprint screening report, but they do have a record, and this would be included in our report.
  • You would expect the FBI database to have comprehensive records across the United States, but the truth is that due to different districts within towns and states and the way they govern themselves, some records are not turned over to the FBI database. Our office communicates with the local and state courts directly ensuring these records will not be missed.
  • The fingerprint reports often provide information about arrests that the applicant was not found guilty of, and using this information against the applicant could lead to legal issues. The fingerprint reports can also provide vague information, whereas our reports provide complete case details.

What services do our public and private school clients utilize besides the criminal aspect?

  1. The 16-67 Educational Employment Verifications – Many of our clients utilize us to process these verifications on their behalf. Most clients are required to have coverage of twenty years of employment for their staff. This can be burdensome with a large number of employees combined with the duties human resource associates are already responsible for daily. Let us reduce the stress of these verifications by allowing us to send them on your behalf and deliver them to you in a complete report.
  2. DCF Reports – We process the DCF reports for our clients, which adds to keeping their onboarding requirements together in a cohesive report. Our web portal serves as a database storing them together conveniently in one place.
  3. Education Verifications – If you are hiring someone to teach students, it is always a good idea to verify they hold the education they claim to have. We have experienced instances when an applicant who has applied for a teaching position has claimed to have a degree when they did not hold a degree, they just attended the school.
  4. Routine Employment Verifications – We have many out-of-state clients that utilize us to process their employment verifications. These verifications provide the accuracy of an applicant’s resume. These are for any school system that does not need to run the 16-67 educational employment verifications.
  5. Driver History Reports – If you are hiring or have a volunteer who will be in charge of driving students, we can provide their driver history. The driver history report will provide the validity of their driver’s license and disclose if they have any known infractions, violations, or accidents. A vehicle can be a weapon if not driven properly.
  6. International Reports – We provide criminal reports as well as education and employment verification for applicants who may have previously lived in another country. This is something else the FBI report cannot provide – records from other countries.

Let us provide a clear and accurate report for your applicants and employees. We can provide reports for your applicants, employees, volunteers, and even contractors. When it comes to the safety of children, can you ever be too safe?

Contact Heather today to begin reducing the number of duties burdened on your human resource department. Heather can be reached via email:

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