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Disclaimer: Research Services is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice in connection with the furnishing of reports to client or clients use of such reports. The sample forms and documents below should not be considered or construed as legal advice. Organizations shall consult with counsel as appropriate before deciding whether to act upon information reported by Research Services. Organization agrees that such documents/processes should be considered its own (not that of Research Services), and that Client has consulted with its own legal counsel to the extent necessary regarding the use of such documents/processes

Driver Privacy Protection Act

EEOC Guidance

Fair Credit Reporting Act

FTC  – What Employers Need To Know

FTC & EEOC – What Employers Need To Know

List Of Expungement/Pardon Process By State

New York Article 23-A

Notice to Furnishers of Information

Notice to Users of Consumer Reports

Summary of Your Rights

Victims of Trafficking