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About Us

Criminal activity and due diligence are the top two reasons employers began running background checks. Safety is the primary concern companies have in regard to hiring an employee.

With incredible foresight, Gail Appell began a new career as an entrepreneur, opening her own company, Research Services in 1996. Gail realized the importance of vetting candidates for employers and was motivated to start a pre-employment background checking company to assist employers in choosing only the most qualified and skilled candidates. Gail’s commitment to achieving success was evident in both her personal and professional life. Raising four boys, she still found time to become a professional ski instructor and a champion golfer, winning the Connecticut Amateur Championship. With extensive experience in sales and banking, facing new challenges was something Gail always accepted vigorously in an effort to achieve her goals. As a professional, she was consistently confronted with the stigma of being a woman. From tee times on the golf course to promotions in the workplace, she knew that starting her own company was the correct path to follow. The national presence of Research Services allows us to cater to the specific needs of our clients and provide thorough and comprehensive background checks, while providing them a personal experience no longer found in today’s marketplace. Research Services balances personal service with technology. Anyone calling our company will always speak directly to a representative, without the hassle of a computerized assistant, just as Gail always insisted upon. Research Services is now under the direction of her sons, who have invested greatly in the continued success of their mother’s legacy.