Homeland Security

Why a Homeland Security search?

Research Services’ Homeland Security check is a collection of U.S. and international searches. The Homeland Security Search is composed of Watch Lists & Sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons and Adverse Global Media records.

The Watch Lists & Sanctions portion provides up-to-date access to the most inclusive, government-published watch lists available. This search helps employers determine if a subject is barred or has received any type of censure by financial, criminal and/or regulatory authorities globally. The Watch Lists & Sanctions category obtains data from over 1,500 sources with more than 4 million records. Research Services closely monitors global sources to ensure that the latest published source lists are acquired and implemented to provide the most current, comprehensive and official sources available at all times. Some examples of Watch Lists & Sanctions are the Bush List, Financial Sanctions, Most Wanted, Sam. Gov & Specially Designated Nationals.
The Politically-Exposed Persons (PEP) portion provides access to the most current and inclusive government-published PEP information available. PEP includes data from over 1,000 sources with more than 3 million records. Research Services constantly monitors global sources to confirm the latest source information is available for our clients.

The Global Adverse Media portion searches thousands of global news sources, capturing articles of interest from breaking news, current events and relevant media dating back to the early 1900s. This search is based on a proprietary process that searches for data matches of thousands of adverse keyword strings to obtain results. These data extracts are 100% behavioral and are not based only on a subject’s name. This process exposes any subjects considered a person of interest but does not return unwarranted information.

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